Industrial Century
Repair of the bow and bulbos.
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Maersk Holyhead
Repair of the sid and bow sid of the sea bord.
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Seamec II
Cut off the old block build a new assembly and welding.
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Repair sid plating sea bord: cut, mouting and welding.
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Rio Orinoco
Repair botton plates: cut, mounting and welding. 315 ton.
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Shipbuilding by Universonave
Some shipbuilding projects execututed by Universonave: 2 LNG ships, 5 fishing vessels and 1 cargo ship.
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Mechanical by Universonave
Some work in mechanical execututed by Universonave.
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Steel Repair
Doble botton: Peak Tank, Tank #1-#2#, internals and botton plates: cut, remove, mouting and welding.
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