All around the world, your naval repair specialists

Universonave is a company specialized in the naval area. We have technician squads to work in shipping repair and also in the maintenance of mechanical equipments from factories and refineries all around the world.

We work in kettle, pipes, mouthing plates, welding, coating and mechanic and in all the several specialties included in these multiple areas.
Our technicians are highly qualified due to their specialised training and many years of experience, contributing to the achievement of the outstanding quality standards of our work.

We are proud to accomplish with scrupulous care the time of delivery of the orders that we receive from our clients.

It is so with great pleasure that we receive an encouraging and rewarding feedback of our satisfied clients, which is, no doubt, the best possible recognition and recompense that we could receive after a job well done.

If you want to be sure about our premium quality service, please feel free to contact and get references from the following companies: Curaçao Dry Dock Co. in Curaçao, Astilleros Braswell in Panama and Lisnico, Lda. in Portugal.

The reasons for choosing us:

  • Scrupulous accomplishment of time of delivery;
  • Great quality of execution;
  • Quickness and efficiency;
  • Highly specialised teams;
  • Many years of experience in shipping maintenance and repair.

Rua Conde Sandomil, nº1
2805-244 Cova da Piedade Almada Gab 21 - Portugal

Phone: +351 210 139 616
Whatsapp: +351 917 27 82 94

Address Curaçao:
Pareraweg 45 Unit 231-A - Curaçao

Office Phone: 0059997880142
Mobile Phone: 0059996709902