Shipping repair, all around the world, is our specialty in Universonave.

Previously executed jobs:

Curaçao Dry Dock in Curaçao

Since 1994 many jobs were su ccessfully accomplished in many different areas in the Curaçao Dry Dock, such as kettle, pipes, mechanic and others.

In the mechanic area we worked on main machines, generators, compressors, turbo pumps, feeders, turbines, valves and propellers.

Astilleros Braswell in Panama
Since 1994 we have done several repairs in Astilleros Braswell in multiple ships in areas like: kettle, steel plate moulding, pipes and mechanic in the most diverse specialties that these areas demand.

Lisnico in Portugal
Since 1991 we have been collaborating with Lisnico in several jobs in the areas of kettle, pipes and mechanic including many different specialties inside these areas.
In which respects factory jobs and still talking about Portugal, we also worked in the mechanic area of companies, such as Portucel, Celbi and Isopor and refineries like Sines and Matosinhos.

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